teaching diabetes

infodiabetes main purpose is to provide all the people with diabetes and their families with useful information to to help them to stay healthy and take control over their diabetes.

Everything started beginning 1997,
when all the diabetes educational resources over the world wide web were limited and very scarce in Spanish language.

In the nineties, we had developed in our clinic many educational material with an irregular distribution across our country: each brochure was handled by different pharmaceutical companies. We thought that internet could be the best choice for a lot of people, even out of our country, because thanks the web, anyone with access to a computer could take advantage of a very valuable information we are sure that by fighting ignorance, which is the main alliance of the diabetes complications and the main cause of life suffering for a lot of people with diabetes and their loved ones.

Therefore, with the effort of some occasional but very valuable collaborations and our clinic's staff, we have been updating the site each month with diabetes related news and interesting material, so every day a lot of friends from all over the world are visiting our web as a source of diabetes information.

We want to express our gratitude, because they make us feel useful and empower us to keep working in our project day by day.

Dr. Antuña de Alaíz


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