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Pump suppliers

We have collected for you, web sites and phone numbers of companies that has supplies for your insulin pump.

These sites are from companies located in the US. Most are the pump manufacturers, but sometimes you can get better prices from the competitors and distributors.



USA Phone

Advantage RX (800) 682-8283 Animas, MMM, Disetronic supplies
Animas Corporation (877) 937-7867 Animas, Unomedical, MMM, Disetronic and Simple Choice
AutoControl Medical (800) 461-0991 Animas, ADR products for standard luer fittings and Paradign series
CCS Medical (800) 726-9811 Animas, Cozmo, MMM supplies and pumps
Fifty 50 Pharmacy (800) 746-7505 ADR products for standard luer fittings and Paradigm series
Focus Pharmacy (866) 403-6287 Animas, MMM pumps, multiple-brand specific items for infusion sets, more
LogiMedix (800) 821-0047 MMM, Disetronic, Simple Choice, cartridges and reservoirs, pre-filled cartriges batteries, tapes, pumps
Medtronic MiniMed (800) 826-4633 Paradimg and 500 series
National Diabetic Pharmacy (800) 525-5316 All available pumps and supplies
Nipro Diabetes Systems (888) 651-7867 Nipro and other supplies
Roche-Disetronic USA (800) 280-7801 Accuchek (formerly Distronic) and MMM supplies
Smiths Medical (800) 826-9703 Cozmo-specific items, Unomedical Comfort infusion sets

(877) 773-2879

SimpleChoice sets, syringes for MMM 500 series
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