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Traveling with your INSULIN PUMP

The Boy Scouts of America´s motto is, Be prepared. We really think that this is a great mootto for pump wearers, too. Being prepared can mean a number of things, from ordering your pump supplies at least three weeks in advance, to making sure you have a kit of diabetes supplies. This kit also works well as a traveler´s checklist.

  1. It is a good idea to take extra supplies, just in case.
  2. Take an extra prescription for insulin and keep it in a safe place –with your traveler`s cheques, passport, or plane tickets, for example.
  3. Keep your supplies in your personal travel bag rather than in your checked luggage. Airlines are famous for "misplacing" luggage and the uncontrolled temperatures in luggage compartments could affect your insulin.
  4. Carry proper identification for your diabetes and your pump –the patient information card is an easy way to do both.
  5. Carry the name of a referral physician while you are on the road.
  6. You don´t need to remove your pump when passing through airport metal detectors, you don´t need to call attention to the fact that you are wearing a pump. It will rarely set off the detector.
  • Extra infusion sets and reservoirs

  • Batteries (Eveready model 357 - silver oxide, 1.5 volts).

  • Regular Insulin (Humalog).

  • Glucose tablets or another fast-acting source of sugar.
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