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Patient Eligibility Criteria for Insulin Pump Therapy

Why use pump therapy?

  • Improved glucose control as recommended by DCCT study.
  • Prevention or delay of complications.
  • Fewer and less severe insulin reactions.
  • Reduction of wide fluctuations in blood glucose.
  • Correction of dawn phenomenon.
  • Easier glucose control with exercise.
  • Flexibility in timing and size of meals.
  • Improved control while traveling or with variable work schedules.
  • Tight control during growth spurts of adolescence.
  • A freer lifestyle.
  • Reduction of hospitalizations.


  • Patient has demonstrated ability to self-monitor blood glucose levels (> 4x/day); and
  • Patient is motivated to achieve and maintain improved glycemic control

One or more of the following

  • Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) level> 7,0 %. (where normal value < 6,05 %; mean value in nondiabetic person is 5,05 %).
  • History of sereve glycemic excursions (commonly associated with brittle diabetes, hypoglycemic unawareness, nocturnal hypoglycemia, extreme insulin sensitivity and/or very low insulin requirements).
  • Fluctuations in blood glucose before mealtimes (e.g. prepandial blood glucose level commonly exceeds 140 mg/dL).
  • Dawn phenomenon in wich fasting blood glucose levels often exceeds 200 mg/dL.
  • Day-to-day variations in work schedule, mealtimes and/or activity level, which profoundly increase the degree of regimentation required for self-management with multiple insulin injections.
  • Preconception or pregnancy with demonstrable suboptimal glycemic control.
  • Onset of complications, including neuropathy, retinopathy, and nephropathy.
  • Post renal transplant.
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