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Tips Provided for Leveraging Social Media
type 1 diabetes community leads innovation for optimal management
Country Music Star Eric Paslay Partners with Dexcom
to Share His Story and Help Others Living with Diabetes
World Diabetes Day 2016: EYES ON DIABETES
Insulin Dosing Requires Attention to Fat, as Well as Carbs
The DIaMonD study: 'Profound' Finding on Continuous Glucose Monitoring
New scan for diabetic eye disease is better, but at a cost
CPAP benefits patients with type 2 diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea
New DEXCOM 5, available in Spain from June 2016
An FDA committee agree to approve the data
from the CGM system Dexcom G5 to be use to adjust insulin doses
Clinidiabet participates in the Industry symposium
Two Years of Flash Glucose Monitoring in ADA 76 Scientific Sessions 2016
Dexcom integrates its latest CGM into the Apple Watch
Patients struggle with sharing health information online,
cite privacy concerns, breaches, Pew report says
Timesulin, a great invention that keeps track of your injections
Animas Vibe FDA approved for children aged 2 and older
Abbott Diabetes Care announced that it has obtained CE Mark
for the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system
indicated for children and teens with diabetes aged 4-17 years old
Social Media Helps Young Diabetics 'Stay in Care,' Says UK Guidance
American campaign to fight against prediabetes
A new study supports the value of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)
in pregnant women with diabetes
An investigational intranasal glucagon product may treat hypoglycemia
just as effectively as intramuscular injections,
a new study of adults with type 1 diabetes suggests
Real-World Severe Hypoglycemia in Diabetics Exceeds Trial Rates
CES 2016 special report «Future Gadgets to help control your diabetes»
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