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Tips Provided for Leveraging Social Media

During a presentation at the 2016 American Medical Association Annual Meeting, Kevin Pho, M.D., founder and editor of the popular physician blog Kevin MD, shared insights into making a difference in health care through use of social media.

Pho realized the potential of social media for connecting with patients after writing a blog post relating to a major drug recall. Seven of 10 Internet users look for health information, specifically for information on diagnosis and treatment options, but much of the information available is unreliable and inaccurate. Social media allows physicians to be filters that can differentiate between correct and incorrect information.

In addition, Pho discussed the importance of social media in defining an online reputation. The best way to establish an online presence is to create content and control the top listings in search engines. Pho recommends getting a bio and headshot, personalizing the relevant page from a physician-rating site, and creating a profile on professional social networking sites.

"The biggest risk of social media is not using it at all in health care," Pho said during the presentation. "We need to realize social media's power to connect and be heard. It's a responsibility we must embrace; it's an opportunity we cannot miss. So let's use social media, change the world, and make that difference in health care."

Source: HealthDay News

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