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Clinidiabet participates in the Industry symposium Two Years of Flash Glucose Monitoring in ADA 76 Scientific Sessions 2016

On Sunday June 12 in New Orleans, USA, is celebrated the symposium where it will be officially presented the results of the Impact Study where many patients of Clinidiabet have participated.

Two Years of Flash Glucose Monitoring
Recent trial data and the global clinical experience

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Dr R.M.Antuña De Alaiz has the honor to participate in the American Diabetes Association 76th Scientific Sessions that includes this symposium, the exhibition will represent the experience of the clinical use of Free Freestyle in Europe.

For the first time it we will presented the results that have been made possible thanks to our volunteer patients. We give special credit to those in the control group, when carrying the FreeStyle Libre in "blind" mode, not been able to watch the results and therefore having no benefit from any data.
Dr R.M. Antuña De Alaiz
Certified Diabetes Technology Clinician
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