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Dexcom integrates its latest CGM into the Apple Watch

In addition, parent and caregivers can receive automated glucose readings, trend data, alerts and notifications from the Apple WATCH, which syncs data directly from an iPhone. Dexcom ($DXCM) caters in particular to a relatively young demographic of Type I diabetics; they and their parents would seem likely early adopters of this sort of tech. The Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM is approved for adults and children as young as 2 years old.

The new Apple Watch and updated iPhone interfaces "continue to enhance options and product offerings that include even more useful features for people with diabetes," said Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer in a statement. "These features were driven by feedback from G5 Mobile users, and showcase our commitment to continuously improve the user experience, making CGM more flexible than ever before for people with diabetes to manage their condition."

This system is the first fully mobile CGM system approved by FDA for adults and children. Its predecessor, the G4 Platinum CGM with Share, could also be used with the Apple Watch but it required a docking station for data access and sharing, unlike the latest version. It employs the Dexcom Clarity softwe system to offer analysis of glucose patterns that are intended to offer the basis for improved diabetes management.

Twice-daily finger sticks are still required to calibrate even the latest Dexcom CGM, but that's a technology limitation that it soon hopes to be able to push past.

"We continue to believe that CGM will ultimately be the standard of care in diabetes management, and we see a clear path to the day when the only reason to take a finger stick will be to calibrate a sensor or for a safety check to ensure proper sensor performance," said Sayer on the most recent company earnings call.

Dexcom has been one of the most rapid adopters of connectivity in diabetes tech. It's partnered with Verily, the med tech business of Google parent company Alphabet ($GOOG), to develop both a miniaturized CGM in 2018 with a tiny, disposable one slated to follow around 2021.
Source: Fierce Medica lDevices, marzo 2016
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