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Roy Cross 101 years and 64 with Type 1 Diabetes

Roy Cross
Roy Cross is the oldest Australian and probably in the world living with Type 1 Diabetes.

He just turned 101 years old, last May. Since the year 1938 when the diagnoses was made he has received more than 48000 insulin shots. It is really amazing when you take it all into account said Mr. Cross "But having diabetes was not always a bad thing" it allowed me to meet my wife Muriel she was my personal nurse. Mr. Cross has lived in Queensland with his wife and two daughters and worked as a farmer

The progress made in the management and control of diabetes has made the life easier for those living with diabetes. Today’s needles are shorter and thinner so the insulin shots are almost pain free and the new blood glucose meters are very accurate and easy to handle. I remember when I use to mix my urine with a solution and waiting to see if a change in color occurs.

Now in the senior village where I live with his wife their diet is almost vegetarian eating meat or fish only once a week. Mr. Cross strongly believe than being a vegetarian, being a non-smoker and not drinking while walking at least a mile a day helped him to arrive to his 101st birthday last May with a good health. In 1998 Mr. Cross received a medal to celebrate his LX anniversary with type 1 Diabetes.

Source: IDF bulletin
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