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Apomorphine: A New Drug for The Treatment of Ed

Apomorphine has now been approved throughout in Europe under the brand name of Uprima by Abbott Company and as Ixense in some other counties by Takeda Pharmakeutical Company that discovered the drug.

More than 30 studies on apomorphine have been carried out in over 4000 patients with erectile dysfunction and these have confirmed its safety and efficacy.

Apomorphine, which is administered sublingually, is taken 20 minutes before the sexual encounter. The substance works centrally by stimulations the central nervous system response in contrast with sildenafil that works peripherally.

A possible advantage is that stable angina patients controlled by nitrates can take the drug. The drug is administered sublingually that is why its absorption is not affected by food and alcohol.

Side effects are relatively minor, the main ones being nausea 6,8%, headache 6,7% and dizziness 4,4% and these generally only appear on starting treatment. There have been no death or myocardial infarctions in any of the studies carried out to date.

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