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Lantus: New insulin arrives to the market

Lantus is a short acting insulin analog that was marketed last year in the States and in Germany and shortly in the rest of the EU countries and the rest of the world.

This insulin is Lantus an is a long acting-insulin analog that works during a period of 24 hours and is peakless it means that its action takes a little more time to start than the NPH insulin but then works continuously without a peak, quite different action of the long-acting insulins we were using ealier.

We think that this new insulin will allows a lot of type 2 diabetic patients on insulin to achieve a god diabetic control with only a daily injection of insulin.

In type 1 diabetic patients Lantus probably will be used as a basal insulin providing them with a continuous insulin to meet insulin requierements between meals while a short acting insulin will be added for each meal or to correct undesirable high glucose levels. This is a much more physiologic insulin replacement therapy and in some extent will mimic what the continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion pumps are doing today.

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