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Here you will find information related to emotional health and diabetes.
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Lessons learned from a decade of work in the BDI
By Susan Guzman
3 Ways Diabetes Can Destroy Your Relationship (and What to Do About It)
By Ginger Vieira
How chronic kidney disease affects your emotions
Diabetes Burnout
Stress and Diabetes
The Burden of Type 2 Diabetes
By Dr. Axel Hirsch. Translated by Susan Feuer.
First months after diagnosis - Diabetes Type 1
By Iñaki Lorente Armendáriz. Traslated by Ana González de Elías
How to live with diabetes without continual anger, anguish or sorrow
By Dr. Axel Hirsch. Translated by Susan Feuer.
  Caring for your friend with diabetes
  Suggestions for giving support
  People with diabetes: their capacity for achievement today
By Dr. Axel Hirsch. Translated by Susan Woods-Büggeln.
  Barriers to adherence
  Diabetes and the family
  The Impact of Living with Diabetes
  Getting Support Test
  Diabetes and Depression
By Dr. Axel Hirsch and Susan Woods-Büggeln.
  Diabetes & Stress - How to manage stress
  The Captain of Your Diabetes Team
An interesting article by our friend Bob Anderson.
  Speak Up!
By Bob Anderson.
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