Ice Cream Test

Personally we believe that our first goal is to help the people with diabetes to live happier lives and specially our youngsters because we must keep in mind that they are "just" young people and then young people with diabetes with this aim we think that test like this one may help the people with diabetes to deal better with special occasions foods without compromising their degree of diabetes control.

Personally we think that with the discovery of the new ultra fast insulin Lispro makes the task easier for trying to mimic the action of the pancreas in these special occasions.


Measure your blood glucose level at snack-time.

2. Calculate the carbohydrate content of your snack in grams (one sandwich = 15 gr., one glass of milk = 10 gr.)

3. Calculate the carbohydrate content of the ice-cream.

4. Take one unit of extra insulin for every 10 gr. of excess carbohydrate in the ice-cream.

5. Decrease the dose by 1-2 U. if the blood glucose level before the ice-cream is less than 100 mg/dl. or if you are about to exercise. Increase by 1-2 U. if the blood glucose level is above 180 mg/dl.

6. If you are in the remission phase you should only take 1/4 or 1/2 of the above mentioned extra fosses of insulin.

7. Measure you blood glucose level 1 and 1-1/2 hour after you have finished the ice-cream to see if things worked out the way you expected.

8. Document what you did in your logbook and you will be better equipped the next time you feel like eating ice-cream.

Remember that no child eats ice-cream every day, with or without diabetes. Your parents decide this and the same rules should apply to you as to your non diabetic siblings and friends.
Dr. R. Antuña de Alaiz
Educational Treatment Unit
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