Factors that increase the blood glucose level FAST


Boiling and other types of heating will breakdown the starch in food.

2. Preparing the food
Polished rice will give a quicker rise in blood glucose than unpolished, mashed potatoes quicker than whole potatoes and grated carrots quicker than sliced. Wheat-flour gives a higher blood glucose response when baked to bread than when used for pasta.

3. Drinking with the food
Drinking with the meal causes the stomach to empty quicker. It is therefore best to only drink one glass along with the meal.

4. Glucose content
Extra sugar along with a meal can give a rise in the blood glucose level, but not as pronounced as formerly believed. Particle size and cell structure in different food compounds give them different blood glucose responses in spite of their containing the same amount of carbohydrates.

5. Salt content
Salt in the food increases the absorption of glucose into the blood stream.
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