Factors that increase the blood glucose level SLOW


Size of bites
The larger the bites one swallows the longer the time it takes to digest the pieces in the stomach and intestine. Larger pieces also cause the stomach to empty more slowly.

2. Gel-forming dietary fibers
A high fiber content (as in rye bread) gives a slower rise in blood glucose by slowing down the emptying rate of the stomach and binding glucose in the intestine.

3. Fat content
Fat in the food will retard the emptying of the stomach.

4. Cell structure
Beans, peas and lenses retain their cell structure even after cooking. Whole fruits give a slower blood glucose response than peeled fruits and juice.

5. Starch structure
Boiled and mashed potatoes give a quicker blood glucose response (as fast as ordinary sugar) while rice and pasta give a slower blood glucose response.
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