Factors influencing the insulin efect

•  Subcutaneous blood flow (increased blood flow will give a faster insulin absorption)

Increased by: Heat e.g. sauna, buble pool or fever.

Decreased by: Cold e.g. a cold bath. Smoking (constriction of the blood vessels) Dehydration.

Injection depth: Faster absorption after an intramuscular injection.

Injection site: An abdominal injection will be absorbed faster than a thigh injection. The absorption from the buttocks is slower that the abdomen but faster than the thigh.

Insulin antibodies: Can bind the insulin resulting in a slower and less predictable effect.

Exercise: Increases the absorption of short-acting insulin even after the exercise is ended, particularly if the injection is given intramuscularly.

Massage of the injection site: Increased absorption, probably due to a faster breakdown of the insulin.

Subcutaneous fat thickness: A thicker layer of subcutaneous fat gives a slower absorption of insulin.

Injection in fat lumps (lipohypertrophies): Slower and more erratic absorption of insulin.

Concentration of the insulin: 40 U/ml. Is absorbed faster than 100 U/ml.
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