Don't let Diabetes stop your dreams… testimonials

In this section we show you the life of people that do not let themselves be won by difficulties, facing them with courage, turning adversity in the motivation source to reach its goals. Good precedents to follow…
Country Music Star Eric Paslay Partners with Dexcom
to Share His Story and Help Others Living with Diabetes
Sébastien Sasseville, Runner and Motivational Speaker - Interview
Amanda Lamb sweet voice, and a great singer
Bill King, a marathon runner
Andy Holder
A Quarter Century with Diabetes: A Personal Story
Swimmers with Diabetes Cross English Channel
A good year for Pablo Domínguez, sportsman and patient of our clinic
Ayden Byle, The Runner
Tim Duffy, an adventurer with diabetes wins a battle against discrimination
Sebastien Sasseville, first Canadian with diabetes to climb Everest
The Trials of a Diabetic Diplomat
Brandon Morrow
Charlie Kimball
Sonia Sotomayor's nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court
Type 1 Pop Star, Nick Jonas Tells His Story
Laura Weld: My Pilgrimage to Peace With Diabetes
Adam Morrison - Hot Shot.
Dancing through diabetes:
Ballet dancer, Zippora Karz, meets success despite her diabetes.
Ulrike Thurm - Beyond the Limits.
Scott Dunton - Surfs and Manages Diabetes Without Fear.
Mark Hoile, «…into the rapids».
Pam Fernandes, «U.S. Olympic Spirit Award».
Cross Takes Diabetes To the Top of the World.
Geri Winkler, Austrian to set record as first diabetic to climb world’s highest peaks.
Chris Jarvis, Time to the Olympics.
NHL’s Boynton Scores on Diabetes Control.
Jay Handy: The one to follow.
Heidi Rosati: Marathon with Diabetes.
Dan Stephens has mastered his game.
Chris Dudley retires after 16 years in the NBA.
Will Cross Defies Diabetes on Antarctic Expedition.
John Dennis - Solitary Sailor.
Midge Cross: Grand Mother, Person With Diabetes, Mount Everest Hiker…
Scott Verplank. Pumped up golfer swings into action.
Julia Leszko - United States Women's EPEE Fencing Champion.
Roy Cross 101 years and 64 with Type 1 Diabetes.
Altitude Diabetes - Marco Peruffo reached the summit of Cho Oyu (8201m).
Kris Freeman - Cross Country Sky Champion.
Aconcagua 2000 - International Diabetic Expedition.

Sydney 2000 medals.

Miss América 1999

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