In this page, we are placing for your personal use, a lot of educational material developed in our center. You will find a lot of usefull documentation for the diabetes treatment.
the diabetes dictionary

treatment | taking control over your diabetes | complications

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«I never teach my disciples,
I only try to provide them with the conditions to learn.»

–Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

the diabetes dictionary

  The diabetes education checklist
Microalbunuria& Hb A1c. Essential lab references
  Factors that increase the blood glucose level SLOW
Factors that increase the blood glucose level FAST
Ice Cream Test
Mediterranean diet and olive oil: Good feeding, good health
Why this fatty acid is a must for good health
  habits and life-style
  Sport and diabetes
Precautions regarding alcohol use
Driving with diabetes
Security Guidelines for Air Travel with Diabetes
New guidelines for physical activity and type 2 diabetes
  Choosing Insulin-Injection Sites
Rotating Your Injection Sites
Factors influencing Insulin Efect
Factors that may Increase Insulin Resistance
Insulin Types
Now is the time of Insulin - 7 Answers about insulin - Type 2 Diabetes
New Insulins so you can live your life
  Drugs that can affect blood glucose levels
METFORMIN. What do you need to know?
The Long way to Approval of a new drug
Effects of different drugs on glycemic control

taking control over your diabetes
  Know your diabetes type
Type 1.5 Diabetes or Slow Onset Type 1 and LADA
  Essential care and proceeding
  ABC Of the Diabetes Care
  How to use and get the most of your BG readings
  Ten Good Reasons for Checking Your Blood Glucose
  Tips for Staying in Control While Consuming Alcohol
Medical Identification Products
What is Metabolic Memory?
Team Up For Safety
Diabetes and Exercise
Type 3 Diabetes. Caring for the Caregiver
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems Comparisons
Are the current glucose meters accurate enough?
  glicosylated hemoglobin
  HgbA1c. All you need to know
Blood Sugar / Hb A1c Conversion Chart
A1c - Why you have to try to go Under 7?
Convert A1c to Average Blood Sugar Level
Estimated Average Glucose (eAG)
Target A1C and fasting and postprandial glucose levels
Diabetes Diagnosis to Soar with A1c Switch for Diagnosis
  pregnancy & diabetes
  Planning and taking care of your pregnancy
By Dr. Irl B. Hirsch, translated by Susan Woods-Büggeln.
  Eating during pregnancy
  High-Risk Pregnacy
Gestational Diabetes
Diabetes and Maternal Breast-Feeding
New GDM Diagnosis Criteria and Testing

  Avoiding complications:
- DCCT. The Best Evidence
- UKPDS for patients, 7 years implications
- The Pyramid of Risk
- What is your complications risk
- Watch your vision TYPE 1
- Wacth your vision TYPE 2
- 10 recomendations when buying new shoes
- What to expect from an eye examination
- Peripheral Arterial Disease and Diabetes
  Diabetic Nephropaty:
- Microalbuniruria. How to prevent diabetic nephropathy
- Kidney Disease of Diabetes
- Choosing a Treatment That's Right for You
- High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease
- Eat Right to Feel Right on Hemodialysis
What is Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)?
  Impotence. Solutions for the forgotten complication
What you need to know about Diabetes Neuropathy
What is an Intravitreal Injection?
What Is Diabetic Macular Edema?
  Hypoglycemia. The Complete Guide for Hypo Prevention
Ten Golden Rules for Hypoglycemia Prevention
  Trouble days handling:
- Nutrition
- Insulin
- Ketones: An alarm sign

living with diabetes
  children and diabetes
  How and when to transfer to your child care responsabilities
  A helping guide to parents in chilhood and adolescence
By Dr. Axel Hirsch and Susan Woods-Büggeln.
  Setting Blood Glucose Goals for Children
Diabetes Infantile Rights
  My Own Book about Pumping
An interesting ebook by Sandra J. Hollenberg about pump therapy for kids.
Glycemic Goal before meals in the Pediatric age
Seeking how to balance your child Blood Glucose
Living, growing, and learning to deal with diabetes
A father to father letter, both with children with diabetes.
Letter to the mother with a child with diabetes
By Erma Bombeck
Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes for Children
According to the American Diabetes Association
  Don't let Diabetes stop your dreams…

teaching the educator
  Diagnostic Criteria for the evaluation of Erectile Disfunction
  Comparison of the quality of life in people with type 1 diabetes treated by continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion vs multiple daily injections
  Gift of Just Listening
By Robert M. Anderson, Ed.D. - University of Michigan Medical School
  Diabetes foot care and education
Education Treatment Unit - CDA
  Lantus Insulin Research Results
Presented by our clinic in the 56th American Congress of Diabetes.
Gondolas and Gondoliers
Profesor Jean Philipe Assal
A model for therapeutic patient education.
Empowered Insulin Therapy
Collection of 39 slides of the Conference of Dr Antuña of the Alaiz
in the DESG meeting held in Asissi (Italy).
Patient Safety
By Bob Anderson
Practical Aspects of CGM
Dr Antuña de Alaiz conference about Continuous Glucose of Monitoring, Miami 2013.

  Few Faets About IGT and Type 2 Diabetes
American Diabetes Association
  Thyroid Disease and Diabetes
  Diabetes and Celiac Disease
  Urinary Tract Infections in Adults
Diabetes Genetic Risk Factors
Diabetes during life's big moments
Women & Diabetes - Urinary Incontinence
Pre-diabetes: What Is It and What Can I Do?
Preventing Colorectal Cancer
Is weight loss surgery right for you?
Understanding the Language of Medicine
The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)
Sleep Apnoea and Type 2 Diabetes
IDF Diabetes Atlas - Sixth edition
Screening for Colorectal Cancer

tests about diabetes
  Check out How is your Medical Team managing your Diabetes
  Test your Knowledge about Ketone Bodies
  Calculations of your Body Mass Index (BMI)
Test your knowledge about your heart
Sexual Health Inventory for Men
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