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Menarini Diagnostics:
Home Page

Sanofi-Aventis: Education Section

Animas: Insulin Pumps Section


Flor Mary Garcia Blanco:
Diabetes for children
Now is time for insulin

María Ott:
People with diabetes: their capacity for achievement today

Dr. Louis J. Manley:
English PDF corrections in the education section

Marisa Pedreira:
Aconcagua. Diario de una Ascensión
Mediterranean Diet
Urinary Tract Infections in Adults
Diabetes Infantile Rights
Ramiro's Story
What to expect from an eye examinatio
Diabetes and Maternal Breast-Feeding
Why this fatty acid is a must for good health
Are the current glucose meters accurate enough?
Andy Holder
Sébastien Sasseville, Runner and Motivational Speaker - Interview
How to thrive in a toxic food environment that encourages bad choices

Valentin Fuente Blanco:
Educación para personas con Diabetes sobre el empleo de Dispositivos de Alta Tecnología
What are statins?
Chris Jarvis, Time to the Olympics
Pre-Diabetes: What Is and What I Can Do?
Adam Morrison - Hot Shot
Understanding the Language of Medicine
How chronic kidney disease affects your emotions

Maximino Fernández:
UKPDS for patients 7 years implications
Gery Wrilkler
Scott Dunton - Surfs and Manages Diabetes Without Fear
Ulrike Thurm - Beyond the Limits
Laura Weld: My Pilgrimage to Peace With Diabetes
Type 1 Pop Star, Nick Jonas Tells His Story
Charlie Kimbal
Ayden Byle, The Runner
Swimmers with Diabetes Cross English Channel
Bill King, a marathon runner
Country Music Star Eric Paslay Partners with Dexcom to Share His Story…

Dra. Ana Elías González:
Pregnancy & Pumps
NHL’s Boynton Scores on Diabetes Control
First months after diagnosis - Diabetes Type 1
Insulin Pumps History
Is weight loss surgery right for you?
Zippora Kart - Dancing through diabetes
FDA Issues Safety Alert on Avandia
Stress Test
Stress and Diabetes
Living, growing, and learning to deal with diabetes
Rotating Your Injection Sites
Peripheral Arterial Disease and Diabetes
The Trials of a Diabetic Diplomat
Tim Duffy, an adventurer with diabetes wins a battle against discrimination
Study Reveals How Omega 3's Work in Preventing Several Forms of Blindness
Diabetes Prevention With Metformin Is Safe, Well-Tolerated
Letter to the mother with a child with diabetes
The World Health Organization releases the World Health Statistics 2012 report
3 Ways Diabetes Can Destroy Your Relationship (and What to Do About It)
Continuous subcutaneous insulin injection (pump therapy) provided better glycemic control…
Insulin absorption and infusion site health

Dra. Ana González Cabral:
Meta-Analysis Confirms Value of CGM in Type 1 Diabetes
Abbott debuts «Flash Glucose Monitoring», a new alternative to fingersticks
Deal with Sanofi means inhaled insulin on US market in 2015
Tresiba® receives positive opinion from CHMP for treatment of children with diabetes
Insulin Dosing Requires Attention to Fat, as Well as Carbs

Susan Feuer:
How to live with diabetes without continual anger, anguish or sorrow
New Insulins so you can live your life
Security Guidelines for Air Travel with Diabetes
Seeking how to balance your child Blood Glucose
Carbohydrate Counting (Insulin Pumps)
Diabetes Type 3. Caring for the Caregiver
Concerns over unregulated medicinal products containing stem cells

Nieves Simón Blanco:
Controlling blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle
Diabetes during life's big moments
Urinary Incontinence
Team Up For Safety
Sebastien Sasseville, first Canadian with diabetes to climb Everest

Mariana Gómez Hoyos:
Cross Takes Diabetes To the Top of the World
Preventing Colorectal Cancer
Diabetes and Exercise
Diabetes Burnout
Estimated Average Glucose (eAG)
Sonia Sotomayor's nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court
Brandon Morrow
Bariatric Surgery Reduces the Need for Glycemic Control Medications and Related Health Care Costs
Diabetes Insulin Pumps Victims of Airport Security
FDA OKs First Diagnostic HbA1c Test
Lessons learned from a decade of work in the BDI
Patients struggle with sharing health information online
The DIaMonD study: 'Profound' Finding on Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Sarah Folan:
Diabetic Neuropathy
Continuous Glucose Monitoring, A new tool to better control your diabetes
ADA Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes 2013

Marco Meneses:
Letter in the 20th anniversary of

Written Original Collaborations

Dr. Irl Hirsch:
Diabetes and pregnacy

Dr. Axel Hirsch & Susan Woods-Büggeln:
A helping guide to parents in chilhood and adolescence
Diabetes and depresión

Dr. Axel Hirsch: 
People with diabetes: their capacity for achievement today
Barriers to adherence
Diabetes burn-out

Dr. Robert Anderson:
Gift of Just Listening
The Captain of Your Diabetes Team
Patient Safety

Jill Milliken:
Kids and Infusion sets
Tips for sticking success!
Pump Specific Psychosocial Issues
Mealtime bolus applications in patients using CSII with delayed stomach emptying
Insulin absorption and infusion site health

Miguel Flores González & Francisco Javier Hurtado:
Ser o tener, esa es la cuestión (Spanish Version)

Dr. Pelayo Antuña Valle:
Manifestaciones Orales de la Diabetes Mellitus (Spanish Version)

Iñaki Lorente:
Informe sobre Turrones (Spanish Version)
First months after diagnosis - Diabetes Type 1
Siblings (Spanish Version)

Dr. Felipe-E. Juanas Fernández:
El Niño con Diabetes en el Colegio e Instituto (Spanish Version)

Dr. Edemiro Menéndez Torre:
Técnicas Informáticas aplicadas a la Diabetes (Spanish Version)

Dr. Hector Juan Rodríguez Casanovas:
Enfermedad Periodontal y Diabetes (Spanish Version)

Margarida Sardá y Mercé Vidal:
Viajando (Spanish Version)

Silvia Yáñez González:
Diabetes Infantil y Divorcio. (Spanish Version)
Marcando los límites (Spanish Version)

Profesor Jean Philipe Assal:
Gondolas y Gondoliers

Daniela Bruttomeso:
Carbohydrate Counting (Insulin Pumps)

Dr. Arturo Rolla:
Fortalecimiento del Paciente con Diabetes Tipo 2 (Spanish Version)